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Mac Wars...

Being a lab full of programmers and graphic design artist we are in the heat of the battle when it comes to the PC versus Mac war. For the most part our Atlanta office is PC infested other than an iPhone here and there. But, with Mac’s mind bending marketing and relatively strong product following, it is hard not to keep up with all of their “innovations”. In the graphic design industries there are two schools of thought. You can buy a Mac and not have to worry about patches and updates, and you get a real cool OS that will make your friends say “Where’s your browser.” Or you can spend half the amount of money, put the computer together yourself, and keep it up to date yourself ( and fix it here and there). This rings especially true for laptops. Mac laptops are very expensive (for the most part) but ultra chic. PC laptops come in many varieties from ultra-portable to desktop replacements and even more varieties of price range. For the moment the PC has the advantage. 2008, in comes the newest word from the Macworld EXPO, that Mac is trying its hand at an ultra-portable, ultra thin Mac Book. The notebook would weigh about 3 pounds and about a 12” screen. The Mac Book will include a Blu-Ray disc drive, also. So, ultra geek on the go prepare to meet ultra-chic on the low (screen size).

For more information on the new Mac Book please visit: c|net